A Brief Introduction to the Investment Leader and Legendary Hotelier


The business leader and management personality who spend more than 30 years in international hospitality industry and whose name has become spontaneous with major hotel groups like Pan Pacific Hotels Singapore, InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton International, the US or Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation is none but Patrick Imbardelli, a brand in hospitality management domain. The major part of his professional life, he has devoted in hotel management industry and as of day, he is operating as the Chief Executive Officer at Imbardelli Holdings Limited.

Imbardelli Holdings is a privately held professionally managed specialized investment group and makes large scale investments in small and real estate business projects in Singapore, Japan and Australia. With its business objective to acquire and generate a sizeable amount of asset, with the joining of Patrick Imbardelli, it has been generating faster cash flow with increased business accumulation. In his role, he is also taking care of wealth restructures, funding/ acquisition and developmental activities.

Patrick Imbardelli also plays the vital role as the President and Director of Advisory Board at the internationally leading and one of the largest plumbing products manufacturing business corporate Symmons group. Based in Massachusetts, the US Company is a pioneering plumbing fittings company that has launched a series of incredible product ideas for residential as well as commercial application. As an industry leader, with the guidance and ideas of Mr. Imbardelli, Symmons group is dedicatedly involved in latest innovation, research and development of custom made plumbing product design solutions for international standard hospitality and residential realty projects.

His 30 years unbeaten career in developing and administering Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG), Hilton International as well, InterContinental Hotels Group has made him an extremely weathered, insightful and achiever business leadership. With this consolidated industry knowhow, he has now been activated to flourish investment business, and his main focus area is investment in the fast developing sectors including small industries and real estate projects. He is also having an intense eye to find out potential areas and trendy business ways which can bring in higher return, asset management and capital building.

During his association with Pan Pacific Hotels Group Singapore, the community received a series of recognitions and awards from global enterprises involved in hospitality, hotel and tourism industry. Positioning his group PPHG in global industry is a major contribution of Patrick Imbardelli and that helped the distinguished hotelier group achieve special awards like Top in Q3-2009 Hospitality Index, Top in Q2-2009 and Topper in the Luxury Hotels Domain for 2008. He has a number of professional associations and has been an esteemed associate of Singapore Institute of Directors, Singapore Institute of Management, and American Academy of Financial Management and Australian Institute of Management.

In his professional career in hotel management he has received a number of awards and appreciations. A few of them are Corporate Hotelier of the World (International Finalist) from Hotels Magazine USA 2012; Hotelier of the Year 2011, received from Hotel Management Magazine and Top 25 ‘Extraordinary Minds’ in Hotel Sales and Marketing offered by HSMAI or Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International in June 2011.


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