Angularjs Framework – Best practices and Guidelines


When speaking of JavaScript Libraries, Angular JS is one of the most popular types and well-known name. It offers users with front-end development features. It is completely supported and developed by Google. It is useful for creating efficient, fast, client-side applications for the web. There are a few developers who may find the application more challenging due to improved functionality and syntax. Programmers who are making use of the MVC structure may find it little more advanced. In this article, you will find some important tips that will prove helpful for first time Angular JS users.

Default directory structure – Rework

You need to keep in mind that with Angular JS it is possible to restructure according to your needs. In general, the structure of the Angular JS directories will depend on the type of programming software or application you are making use of. You can make use of models, templates, services, controllers and views directories. This is one structure that is proved deal for any small project. It is possible to locate any file for any desired module. This is also useful if you are working with more than 10 files at the same time.

In case you are making use of an application that is of large or medium size, then it is possible that you may have to make use of 100 of files. In that case, locating a particular file for any specific module may not be an easy task. You may have to make use of logical sections for reworking the file structure. So the moment any module gets damaged then you may know the exact location for locating it.

Logic Presentations – out of controllers

Programmers can easily manipulate presentations of DOM within a controller. This can also prove to be problematic within a specific MVC architecture. You can collect more of the online angularjs test from other online web resources.

Within MVC architecture, there are two separate blocks – controller and view. The location where presentation logic is coded becomes the view. It is also one that is related to the DOM. You can make use of presentation layer in case you have to alter any value in the HTML.

At the time of execution of presentation within controller instead of view, it is possible to divide it into layers. If you miss the code at the time of code maintenance then there are chances that it could get infected by Bugs.

You have to keep in mind that MVC architecture is very much distinct as compared to other linear web based languages. It becomes easier the moment you are comfortable using it.  This is a much better option if you consider using it for large applications.

Using Track by feature

In Angular Js, it is possible to compile your list from various objects involved. Working with DOM on the basis of the code is not considered as an efficient option. It is possible to avoid DOM but the interfaced time can be minimized. You can at best make use of Track by item option available. It is also advisable to make use of your personal generated key instead of IDs that are generated randomly.


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