Anthony Munk: An Emblem of ‘Success’


Commencing his occupational career as a bond salesperson at Credit Swiss First Boston, these days, Anthony Munk has been reported of being the top compensated corporate executive in Canada. As of now, he is in the position of Sr. Managing Director at the globally famed Onex Investment Inc. Prior to his association with Onex Group; Mr. Munk also served Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd as the group’s Chairman and subsequently worked for Guardian Capital as its Portfolio Manager. An interesting point is that Mr. Munk is the son of the worldly documented Hungarian business magnate Peter Munk, the inceptor, developer and key executive of BARRICK Gold Corp.

Thus, the Onex MD was determined to build his career with his inherent abilities despite acquiring any kind of support from the ‘BARRICK’ personality. No wonder, he has been one of the most thriving business executives and has successfully made him a ‘man of recognition’ in the corporate world backed by his excellence, expertise and wisdom. In the recent times, however, Anthony Munk has been positioned as Non-independent director of BARRICK Gold. As per version of Peter Munk, as he conveyed in a press meeting that whereas decision-making is one of the key ingredients in business success, his son’s ability is superlative. His cutting-edge business ideas and approaches tend to be an asset for BARRIC Group and this is because, he wanted his son in his business project.

In his position, Mr. Munk at Onex takes care of the group’s business areas involved in Realty and Property Management, Hospitality, Building Materials and Construction. He formulates business development plans, marketing strategies, guides senior management executives for continuous advancement. While ensuring profitability of every business area, Anthony Munk plays a very vital role at Onex. He administers its investment, asset management and business acquisition projects. To play this role effectively, he has been outfitted with an expert crew containing market analysts, researchers, top business managers and economists. The group is responsible to find out famous companies and industries with ill business health or that are under bankrupted position. Once, identified, it obtains complete information about the company’s debt position, reason for distressed condition, share value, community holding amount of shares and all.

Accordingly, report is placed before Anthony Munk who begins the next steps towards acquisition process and starts bargaining process. Following the business acquisition, in combination of his business managers, Mr. Munk undergoes the process of debt settlements and other operations in relation to reformation program. Typically, he prefers keeping the company’s brand name intact. Notably, as a business takeover business group, Onex under guidance of Mr. Munk has established a prominent footprint in global market. Nowadays, Mr. Munk is connected with a quite a good number of high profile corporate business houses as board-of-Directors. To name a few among them are Cineplex Inc., Munk Peter Charitable Trust, JELD-WED Inc, Art Gallery of Ontario Foundation, Tomkins Building Products, Cineplex-Entertainment LP, Cineplex GP, Cineplex-Entertainment Corp, AUREA Foundation, Cineplex-Entertainment LP, Cineplex Entertainment GP, Munk-Peter Charitable Trust, BARRICK Gold Ltd, and more.


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