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When it comes to getting fit there are many exercises that can be done, both to burn calories and remove pounds and fat as well as to tone up. These exercise routines can be practiced with different fitness devices, both at home and in gyms rooms or in directed classes.

Among those who are now more in vogue, for the good results that are achieved, are the training ropes with which it is possible to perform a myriad of activities.

Training rope to jump rope

One of the easiest and simplest to do with rope training exercises, but also very effective, is to jump rope. That simple gesture that you surely made in childhood is ideal for burning calories and that accumulated fats disappear.

Its benefits are even more, because other parts of the body are also exercised while doing aerobics jumping exercise. Obviously, the legs work and your muscles tone up with each movement. The same happens in the buttocks, in the waist and in the lower part of the lower back, parts where there tends to accumulate a lot of fat.

The part of the arms is also toned because, obviously, they are part of the necessary movement with the training rope to jump, although you will need more specific exercises to tone the arms because the movement that is performed is inferior in this.

Of course, to perform this exercise with this rope, it is necessary that the training rope is light or use a normal rope. If you try it with the big and heavy ones that are used in the exercises that we explain below you can hurt yourself.

It is recommended that you do 4 series of 20 jumps and little by little, with practice, you increase.

Exercise with training rope for arms and abdomen

As we have said, the arms need more training to be toned, especially if you are a woman because you tend to have less muscle mass than men. In addition, it is one of the areas of the female body in which more localized fat is habitual to accumulate.

To work on these two fronts – less fat and more toning – you can do a simple exercise. In this case you need two training ropes, which you must tie to a wall or to some heavy object because you need to have resistance. You can also use a long one and tie it so that the ends are free and long so you can manipulate them during your training. When you have them properly attached, the movement is very simple:

You take one end of the rope in each hand and raise and lower the arm in a quick gesture, like wanting to whip it, but without putting a lot of tension. You must do the movement alternating arms, one above and one below, not both at the same time in the same direction.

In this way, you will notice how all the muscles of the arm are worked.

Do it with your legs slightly open – with a width as the distance from the shoulders – and bend your knees a bit.

Also, while doing the whole exercise with the training rope or rope training is good to contract the abdomen to tone this area. Do not forget to keep your back straight.

To begin, perform 4 sets of 10 string movements, resting only between 15 and 30 seconds between each set. With practice, you will notice that you strengthen your body and that you can increase the number of movements and series.

Exercises for the back with training rope

With the training rope it is also possible to work and strengthen the back. On this occasion, you will also have to tie it, but to the roof or some resistant point that is high, because the exercise consists of climbing through the rope training.

This simple exercise is quite expensive and allows a very complete set-up. With him, you will work your arms because you have to hold the weight of the body almost entirely with them so that, with the help of your legs or not depending on the exercise, you can go up the rope. Similarly, you will exercise your upper back every time you move your arms.

The abdomen is another of the points on which this exercise is affected, since the entire abdominal area contracts when trying to maintain the position. The legs also play a key role in holding you down and do not fall while trying to keep climbing.

To start, go up and down the rope 5 times in a row , as you see that you can keep increasing the pace and quantity.

These three exercises are a very simple table, but with which you will perform a fairly complete and very effective physical activity, because they require great intensity and great effort. But you will also see results and, in addition, in a short time. This is an idea that you can have in your head to motivate you and not abandon the training routine.

Being exercises that require physical effort, never forget to consult with the doctor the physical activity you can do to not exceed.

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