Have an active and healthy lifestyle after the successful knee replacement


Good knees are the best to perform health activities and daily life activities and are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But at some stage, where, due to some major injury or arthritis the knees does not bend and flex restricted due to damage, inflammation or pain. As and when the damage progresses the life starts becoming more difficult and painful.

At later stages, the deterioration of joints and surrounding tissues restricts activities like sitting and standing. This results in wear and tear of cartilage and bones start rubbing across other bones and it results in reduced mobility.

The knee replacement surgery is the best solution to such problems where it provides dramatic pain relief seen in more than 90% of the patients. With the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi it has improved the lives of a number of patients making them comfortable with their replacement surgeries.

The types of knee replacement-

  • Total knee replacement- Known as TKR makes about the 90% of knee replacement procedures. During this, the knee joint is repaired by covering the thigh bone with a metal covering where the shinbone is encased with plastic. The prosthesis removes the rough and irregular surface of the worn bone and makes it smooth. After this surgery, it is expected to stay in the hospital for 4-5 days where after that weight bearing therapy is started. With the assistance of a cane or a walker the patients are asked to stand before they leave the hospital.
  • Partial knee replacement- Sometimes it is only a small part of the knee that gets damaged due to injury or arthritis. In such cases, the partial knee replacement approach is used. This approach requires less incision, less bone and blood loss and produces less pain. Here the patients experience a faster recovery rate as compared with the TKR process.


When is the right time for knee replacement?

Below are discussed some points where after that the knee replacement is a must.

  • Disruption of everyday activities- Despite the use of anti-inflammatory medicines if the patient still suffers marked pains restricting their day to day activities must undergo knee surgery. There are best knee replacement surgeons India where many patients have seen speedy recoveries.
  • Bone-on-bone arthritis- There is patients which have bone touching bone somewhere in the knee. On the other hand, some have thinning of the cartilage without touching bone that should not undergo knee replacement. In such cases, other pain management strategies should be used to help cope up with the symptoms of thinning cartilage.
  • Instability- Many times arthritis causes progressive instability of the knee where the knee becomes much looser or unstable as compared with the other native knee. In severe cases, such instability might result in a fall by the patients causing injury. Such instability should not be handled with medication and proper knee replacement must be conducted.

In today’s time, the knee replacement is considered to be very safe. Very few patients suffer or experience complications. After the surgery, one can participate in activities like walking, golf, tennis and swimming, etc. It helps in improving the overall quality of life.


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