Why Roofing Copper Nails Are Considered the Best for Slating Needs


There are many people who have visited the hardware store and seen copper nails and have wondered what are the copper nails used for. Copper nails are actually very durable and they can be used for a number of home improvement jobs.

Although copper is more expensive metal compared to the galvanized steel or aluminum, the long-term benefit of copper nails far outweigh the costs. Therefore, copper nails are used in projects where durability is the major concern. For example, building roof slates with copper flashing held together by copper nails will last for many days as opposed to galvanized or other ordinary nails. Copper nails actually allow you to save up on what you may continuously spend for in repairs and maintenance.

Types of Roofing Copper Nails:

Roofing Copper nails are available in an expanded range of sizes and types. There are copper clout nails, annular ring clout nails and others.  These types of copper nails are very common and mainly used for roofing materials. Apart from that you can choose from other popular types of copper nails including copper pins, slates, straps, and disk rivets. Roofing copper nails are mainly used for slates and other roofing materials such as tiles.

These types of nails are available in a wide array of sizes because as a homeowner you may need different kinds of clouts for different projects. Also, in some cases, you may need to use roofing copper nails because the housing regulation in many areas prohibit the use of galvanized nails for roofing types such as slates. Also, roofing copper nails are used in coastal regions because galvanized nails do not last longer in these regions.

Advantages of Roofing Copper Nails:

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are many other advantages of roofing copper nails, for which they are used with roofing materials. Copper nails offer a longevity that other types of nails do not provide. Roofing copper nails are easy to use as they can be easily pulled and pulled out whenever required. They do not lose the protection as well, even if they are pulled in and pulled out a number of times. Ordinary nails may corrode very fast, which causes many different problems like roof slates sliding off the surface. However, this never happens with copper nails as they are best known for the endurance and that in turn makes your roof last longer.

Copper nails are also used in a variety of projects including copper metal fabrication, clay and cement roofing, copper gutters or eaves, saddler and farrier work. You can also use copper nails for plywood roof decks, floor and skirting boards, installation of insulation panels and roof shingles and even for boat building.

Rink shank nails are considered the best copper nails for roofing and slating needs as they provide superior holding power. As these types of nails have annular threading, they possess a high pullout resistance compared to smooth shank nails.


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