Take Your Birthday Celebrations A Notch Higher With Personalised Cakes


Birthdays have become much commercialised these days. In the olden days, birthdays were celebrated with least show and pomp with maximum simplicity. First it involved just taking a visit to the temple and taking blessings from elders. But then cakes started to become very popular amongst kids and parents would arrange a small birthday party for their child, inviting a few of the closest friends and of course a birthday cake. Those days the parties were much simpler and so were the cakes. But now everything has become fancier than ever before.

People arrange for party planners to plan birthday parties. These days’ birthday celebrations look no less than a mini wedding reception. Birthday parties have various themes making them more interesting and grand. Also, now people get personalised birthday cakes delivered. Now cakes are a familiar concept to all. But what is a personalised cake? A personalised cake is of a special design chosen by the customer. They are made to match the theme of the party. Hence they are available in various shapes and designs.

Now suppose it is your child’s 18th birthday and you want a customised/ personalised cake for the event. The confectioners will have a bunch of cake ideas for it. These cakes can be available with digit 18 for an example. Or the cake can also be designed according to likes and dislikes of the birthday boy/ girl. For instance, if it’s a birthday cake for a boy, it could be in the shape of a cricket field. And if it’s a girl’s birthday the cake could be in the shape of a purse, or a shoe or a hat. These are a few ideas that are used by the confectioners these days. These ideas have not just brought a revolution in the cake forms but also birthday parties.

Also, these confectioners provide home delivery system. So you could sit at home and choose from the list of cake options and get them delivered right to the door step. Express birthday cakes are a popular option of choice for those who live far away from their loved ones and are unable to be there for their birthdays. In this case one could order the cake online and then get it delivered to the home address of the birthday boy/ girl. This may not be able to completely make up for the loss of your presence on their birthday but it will definitely make them feel special.

So, if your sister/brother/best friends live far away and you have always been missing out on their birthdays or just been wishing them a happy birthday over the phone; then probably it is time to make a new gesture, a bigger one that says I love you and I miss you. Also, these online confectioners make sure that the cakes are delivered on the required date because they know it is not just a cake, it is a gesture of love and sentiments tied together with the cake.


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